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“We are extremely happy to have Abby attending Northern. The school has wonderful facilities and the staff are welcoming and approachable. Abby enjoys coming to school and I can see that she is learning many skills and joining in many different activities. Her teacher and therapy staff are able to talk to us about what they are teaching Abby and ways to help and encourage her. We are delighted to be a part of this school”.

“My son Jordan has attended Northern School for Autism for the past six years. In that time the support we have received from staff has just been amazing. The teachers and therapy staff are always available to discuss any issues, and the outcomes are always achieved. My son has developed and learned so much and achieved goals I didn’t think were possible. A big thank you to all involved”.

“From the moment Anthony arrived at NSA we knew we had made the right choice of schooling for him. The teachers and therapy staff are amazing. They are caring, approachable, dedicated and professional. Anthony is happy, always improving, continually learning new skills and his individual learning plans cater for his specific needs.”

Family Involvement

The school has an active parent fundraising group at each campus who provide various events such as raffles, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day stalls and special student lunches. Parents and carers are invited to participate in school council to contribute to the good governance of the school. Regular family support meetings are held throughout the year on a variety of topics.

Family Support Meetings





Friday 20th October

Parent Information Session - Speech

Reservoir Campus


Thursday 9th November

Parent Information Session - Occupational

Reservoir Campus


Wednesday 20th December


All Campuses

See classroom teacher for times

Important Events

Term Dates 2023

  • Term One: 27th January to 6th April – (students commence 31st January)
  • Term Two: 24th April to 23rd June
  • Term Three: 10th July to 15th September
  • Term Four: 2nd October to 20th December

Important Dates

  • Monday 2nd October - Term 4 Commences
  • Monday 6th November - Student Free Day
  • Tuesday 7th November - Melbourne Cup Holiday
  • Tuesday 19th December - End of school year for students
  • Wednesday 20th December - SSG Day (no bus service) 

School Events / Meetings





Wednesday 1st November Reservoir and Norris Bank School Concert Reservoir Multipurpose Room


Thursday 2nd November Reservoir and Norris Bank School Concert Reservoir Multipurpose Room


Thursday 7th December Reservoir Graduation  Reservoir Multipurpose Room


Monday 11th December Lalor Graduation  Lalor Learning Hub


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Parent Payment Policy

NSA Parent Payment Policy 2023