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Digital Learning

Northern School for Autism supports technology rich classrooms and incorporates digital technology to help promote independent learners. Students are empowered with skills that support them to become lifelong learners. Teachers use an assessment checklist to assess student ability and support the next individualised steps in their learning journey. This process continues from entry level all the way through to their final year.

All students have access to laptops and iPads within their classrooms. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and Touch Screen TVs.

Online Programs

At NSA students are supported to develop literacy and numeracy skills with the use of digital technology and online programs like Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Math Pathway. Teachers use these tools on various platforms like a laptop, iPad or interactive whiteboard and cater for the various abilities and learning styles of each individual student.


Minecraft Education Edition is used in the classroom to apply learned mathematical concepts. Concepts like area, perimeter and patterns all come to life as students engage in a game they know and love!

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is used in the later years to bring together teaching and learning in one place and enrich student learning experiences. Students and teachers also use Google Classroom and Webex to communicate. Advances in technology have created opportunities to engage students in the classroom in new and exciting ways although they also present significant challenges. School based cyber safety education is vital for our students as they navigate these new and exciting technologies. Teachers have prepared curriculum plans that explicitly teach safe, responsible and ethical online behaviours.