About Us

School Overview


School Vision

Northern School for Autism strives to be a centre of excellence.

Mission Statement

Students are supported towards developing their personal and educational potential, so as to be valued contributors to family and community life.


"Learning for Life"

School Values

  • Trust
  • Understanding
  • Safety

School Rules

  • Listen
  • Be Friendly
  • Be Safe

School Structure

The school is divided into sub-schools according to the stages of schooling (age approximate)

  • Early Years - 5-8 years
  • Middle Years - 9-14 years
  • Later Years - 15-18 years

Class Group Organisation

Class-groups generally comprise eight to ten students of similar chronological age.  Students are grouped according to developmental and educational need.  Teachers and teacher aides work in partnership, to support students.  Teachers are responsible for the development, delivery and evaluation of all classroom activities.  Teachers and teacher aides work in teams of two or three in each classroom, and are supported by speech and occupational therapists, specialist teachers and a team of leading teachers.

Education Support Services

To support the implementation of the educational programs the school provides a range of specialist services including speech pathology, occupational therapy and access to student wellbeing staff. Through a team based collaborative approach, therapy provision is provided within classroom settings.  Teachers and therapists work as a trans-disciplinary team to ensure that students have access to consistent and effective therapeutic programs.