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At NSA we offer ASDAN to Lalor Campus students as an alternative to the Applied Learning Program.

ASDAN is a curriculum which supports and promotes our students in preparing them for adulthood. Through our ASDAN curriculum we aim to enable our students to develop their self-confidence in being prepared for life after school, preparing to live independently and becoming valued members of their local community. The activities are designed for students to learn in a variety of settings and contexts, both at school and in the local community.

NSA is registered to deliver the ‘Towards Independence Program’. This program comprises of a series of modules that can be undertaken separately and built into a profile of achievement. The initial module, Starting Out, provides an opportunity for learners to recognise their achievements and identify learning challenges for the future.


As part of our 6-year plan NSA delivers the following ASDAN modules (to name a few):

Developing Communication Skills

Students explore speaking and listening, reading and writing topics.

Developing Numeracy Skills

Students explore units in measurement, shape and space, position pattern and sorting, time and handling data.


Students develop money skills.

Meal Preparation

Students work on understanding the basics of food preparation and acquiring some important skills in the kitchen.

Independent Living

Students work towards developing independent living skills such as making themselves a meal, cleaning and using home appliances.

Using transport

Students explore the topics of using transport, planning a journey and what to do if something goes wrong.

The ASDAN Curriculum

The ASDAN curriculum allows students of all abilities demonstrate a level of achievement. A student’s learning is documented through the development of a portfolio of evidence which is assessed by trained moderators, at school level as well as by ASDAN staff, for the award of an accredited certificate.

Students can then take their portfolio with them as evidence of their achievements into post-school placements or supported employment.

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