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Northern School for Autism implements Mathematics programs across the school, based on the Victorian Curriculum. Our students are developing confidence in and enjoyment of mathematical activities through engaging and relevant programs, with a focus on applying Mathematics to authentic life situations.

We have a strong emphasis on developing real life skills that will support students to become as independent as possible. Mathematics is taught explicitly each day within the teaching teams, in addition to being incorporated within other areas of the curriculum, such as cooking, music, science and physical education. Students learn in a variety of settings including like-ability and mixed ability groups as well as doing individualized tasks. Staff and students have access to a variety of physical and electronic resources to support learning, using materials, games and mental strategies.

The Mathematics Program at NSA

Our program gives all students the opportunity to develop skills using concrete materials and a range of resources during timetabled numeracy sessions.

It enables students to achieve learning goals in the areas of number, shape, money, space, time, measurement and probability and statistics.

Our program uses a number of strategies to engage students with numeracy learning, including hands-on tasks, group activities, written tasks and verbal activities.

And it provides students with opportunities to use their Augmentative Communication (AAC) system in Mathematics sessions.