Northern School for Autism provides comprehensive, individually designed, educational programs for all students. Individual goals are identified for each student for Communication, Interpersonal Learning and Personal Learning. All staff are trained in ASD specific pedagogy so programs are delivered in a consistent, autism ‘friendly’ manner across the whole school. The school delivers the Victorian Curriculum, Levels A-D.

Students also participate in community access programs, for example; shopping, gym and swimming. Specialist teachers provide Visual Art, Music and Physical Education (including bike education) programs. Students participate in a school concert, footy day and other special events. All students are encouraged to become independent, life-long learners!

Well Trained Staff


Teaching Philosophy

The school is committed to the implementation of best practice in teaching and learning for students with ASD.  The community of NSA believes that to succeed in the world, students need to develop the capacity to:

  • Manage themselves as individuals, and in relation to others,
  • Understand the world in which they live,
  • Act effectively in that world,
  • Make a positive contribution to their world.

Northern School for Autism implements a structured teaching approach that is informed by current research and evidence based practice (TEACCH ™). The educational programs build on students’ strengths and skills, within a supportive environment, that accommodates the particular impairments associated with ASD in particular:

  • Communication,
  • Executive functioning,
  • Self-regulation,
  • Sensory needs,
  • Repetitive behaviour, restricted interests and imagination,
  • Inter-personal/social skills.

Northern School for Autism provides:

  • The Victorian Curriculum – tailored to the needs of students with ASD.
  • Individual Learning Plans (ILP) to ensure students develop and learn to their full potential.
  • Highly structured, ASD specific, teaching practices.
  • Small group instruction.
  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support.™
  • Regular participation in the wider community.
  • Education support services including speech and occupational therapy.

Outdoor Play & Recreation

Each site has well maintained and secure modern playgrounds. Outdoor areas are divided into discrete, age appropriate areas to allow students to develop play skills and build friendships with children of their own age. A range of activities and equipment are available fro students including swing sets, sandpits, bike riding, shaded seating, climbing, frames and grassed game playing areas.