Reservoir Campus

The Reservoir Campus is located in Gertz Avenue, Reservoir. This campus is a brand new purpose built school providing state facilities designed in line with international, autism specific, educational best practice in specialist school design. The campus caters for 220 Early and Middle Year's students, across 26 classrooms.

The school is serviced by school buses provided by the Department. Students must attend three days per week minimum and reside within the school's Designated Transport Area to access the bus service.


Early Years and Middle Years Programs

The Early and Middle Years’ curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their communication and interpersonal skills, as well as to assist students learn to understand and self-regulate their emotions and behaviour. The core learning goals are articulated in the ‘NSA Supplementary Curriculum’. This curriculum is based upon very early developmental milestones which children with ASD find challenging to reach and generalise.


Reservoir Campus - Facilities

  • Play Therapy Room
  • Music Room
  • Three gyms (occupational therapy)
  • Visual Art Room
  • Student Kitchen
  • Multi-purpose Room
  • Student Library
  • STEAM Building
  • Classrooms with outdoor courtyards
  • Secure, modern, age appropriate play-grounds with discrete, secure play areas, including bike riding tracks
  • Secure perimeter